Vice Propagandist: Drinking Milk Is ‘Unsettling Behavior’

Vice propagandist Daisy Jones, author of serious works like Glastonbury’s Queer Club Was a Wild and Fever Dream and Queer women Told Us What Gave them the ‘Ick!’ was given the task of smearing milk drinkers in her ongoing effort to force-feed almond milk and lab meat to the peasantry.

This is what she came up, via Vice

Glastonbury was last month and I was waiting for Diana Ross when I saw a man standing in line for The Milk Stand. It was 28 degrees outside. He leaned against the bar and rubbed his beard. Just as “I’m Coming Out”, began, I could see him from the corner of my eyes, drinking milk, little streams of liquid cascading down the back of his neck. And I thought, ‘Sorry! Is it okay?

Take a look at the screed and notice the subtle attempts by corporate media propagandists to confound drinking milk with “toxic masculinity”.

She continued, comparing dairy consumption to vaginal discharge and semen.

What is the point of drinking white liquid that was created inside your body as an adult? Worse, you are drinking white cow’s body liquid. Do you know which liquids fall under that category? C** and discharge.

She doesn’t even mention the nutritional value of dairy or its long history in human history. Daisy Jones, who likely went to public school seems confused. Let’s help Daisy Jones.

First, dairy products have been consumed by humans since before recorded history began. Science, 2021: Scientists have discovered the oldest evidence for milk consumption: Modern Kenyan and Sudanese people ingested milk products at least 6000 years old.

The article explains that humans have developed enzymes to help digest dairy. These enzymes are kept even after we turn adulthood. This would indicate that milk is not c** or vaginal discharge.

Second, milk contains a fair amount of carbohydrates in the form sugar, which is not ideal for people who have metabolic dysfunction. However, it offers a variety of valuable micro-and macronutrients such as protein, healthy fats and vitamin D.

Particularly important for those who are often suffering from nutritional deficiencies as a result of poor diets, milk’s nutritional profile is of great importance. Daisy Jones may be thinking of herself as a champion of this group of “marginalized” people.