Biden’s Blood Boiling Response to Trump’s Arraignment

I must admit that Joe Biden has been a subject of mine for quite some time now. The common lie spread during his campaign for office, but I don’t think anyone could have considered him a “nice guy”.

He is a nasty person, has a short temper, and gets angry at anyone who challenges him. He also lies about things that could be dangerous to the nation, such as lying about the Chinese spy ball not collecting any intelligence. A new report claims that they were able to get intel from several sensitive locations, and were able to send it back to Beijing immediately.

Biden takes a swipe at his staff for shoving the media out of the meeting/photo op and treating them like dirt while they do it. Biden said, “Don’t get hurt while you’re going,” as his people pushed them out of the room. He laughed and smiled. It’s probably evidence of his power, I believe.

He was asked Tuesday about Trump’s arraignment. His handlers have likely told Biden, “Say nothing regarding the Trump arraignment,” and “Don’t dig us any hole by saying or doing anything stupid.”

However, Joe can’t stop being Joe. His face is blank. He is skeptical when asked by a reporter, “Is your predecessor’s indictment politically divisive ?”

It is clear that he hears it. When the reporter finishes his sentence, the reporter’s reaction is to yell. His response is to burst into a huge gloating smile and laugh. The press then proceeds to throw the media out.

This isn’t political at all. This is not something he hides anymore. He is happy it’s “politically divided,” and the more the rule of law is broken, the better.

Is this even funny? Is it funny that he, the Democrats, have perverted the rule of law to pursue their political opponents? They’ve destroyed objectivity in what was once a highly respected bureau like the FBI. The fact that Democrats’ progressive prosecutors do so much to harm the country. It’s not about Trump. It’s about the American people being hurt by their inability to enforce the law.

He laughed when asked about the Christian elementary school being attacked and said he was laughing when asked about the transgender student who targeted the school. You have a true sociopath character. I believe I wrote the first time about it in August 2021. I was writing about his refusal to accept facts about his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. If reality challenges him, he refuses to accept it. This is a huge risk for our country, as we have seen in Afghanistan during withdrawal and many times thereafter.

The smug buffoon smiles and thinks they are powerful, which reduces the likelihood they will be held responsible for any actions taken by their family or against their opponents.

As these characters try to turn us into a banana republic they control, we are at an existential crossroads. If the people who are in power, or those who claim to have power, don’t understand this, they will not be able to stop the movement. It is important to be able to see this and to support them in their efforts to get out of power.