Are You Ready for the Knock on Your Door?

Former President Trump surrendered today to New York City authorities. Alvin Bragg, a Soros-funded DA, performed a legal gymnastic feat worthy of Cirque du Soleil in order to bring charges against former President Trump and top Republican presidential candidate.

No matter how much you may like Trump, Americans should be aware of the dangerous territory that the United States has entered. A former president was indicted and arraigned for the first time in American History. CNN and liberal media outlets have been covering Trump’s every move in the past 24 hours, wall-to-wall. They hope Trump will be imprisoned on bogus charges, which don’t pass smell tests, and they’ll lose their liberty.

Right now, however, I want you to know that I am talking about you. What happens if the feds knock on your front door? What will you do if they knock on your door and take your cell phone and computer?

Trump is surrounded by lawyers and has the funds to defend himself. But do you have an army of lawyers?

I would like to tell a story that I haven’t told before. A friend of mine was there at the Capitol on January 6. He was at the Trump rally, and he followed the crowd to the Capitol. He entered the building without a problem, but he turned around and walked out of the Capitol Police station the moment he was asked. He then went home.

Don’t let that stop you from doing great things.

He has been warned by the feds that they are prepared to attack him. To retain a lawyer, he has spent tens and thousands of dollars. Because he has been waiting for me to knock at his door for two years and I don’t want to make my life harder for him, I won’t reveal his name. He is living in fear of possible imprisonment. Other law-abiding citizens are also in his shadow.

You might be thinking that it can’t happen, but not so fast. It could happen to you if you get in the way of Joe Biden’s America. To ruin your freedom and ruin your life, the corrupt political class doesn’t need any evidence of a crime. You might post something on social media that could get you in trouble. The IRS will be knocking at your door the next thing you know. Are you certain that you didn’t make a single mistake on any of your tax returns.

You might even speak up at a school board meeting, and then the next day the ATF will be knocking on your door asking about your guns or ammo.

Perhaps the door will be knocked on your door by the HR director. He or she may inform you that you are no longer employed as a result of posting a homophobic meme on Facebook, or calling a man dressed up as a woman a male.

There are many possibilities.

We all are in danger if Donald Trump is not careful.

Merrick Garland and Joe Biden have used the federal government as a weapon against the enemies of the Democrat Party.

Remember the time when the feds raided, with a SWAT team no less, the home of a Christian prolife activist while his terrified children watched?

Do you remember the memo from the Department of Justice warning parents that they could be terrorists if they spoke out at school board meetings?

Remember Roger Stone’s pre-dawn raid with heavily armed men on his home?
Do you remember when the FBI sent 30 armed FBI agents to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to find classified documents? Do you remember when Joe Biden was found to be storing classified documents, but they didn’t send 30 armed agents to his Mar-a-Lago home?

These are just a few examples.

If the political Left can support Donald Trump, then they can also support you.