Trump Behaves As His Normal Self When Arriving for Arraignment

On Tuesday, all eyes were on Manhattan’s courthouse where ex-President Donald Trump was to be arraigned.

We reported that it was a very noisy time at the courthouse, with hundreds of protesters making loud noises and coming out to make a fuss. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, was also present. She criticized the Trump prosecution. Eric Adams, the NYC Mayor, was also present. Rep. Jamaal (D-NY), lost his mind when she arrived. Rep. George Santos, R-NY, was also present and offered the most convincing answer to the media asking why he was there: “Because it’s possible.”

The day was all about Trump and how he dealt with political persecution. Trump was not going to give them satisfaction. He gave a fist pump as he left Trump Tower and headed for the courthouse. He said they weren’t breaking his heart.

When he reached the courthouse, he waved again to the protestors before entering the building.

The police have now taken him into custody. According to reports, there was an agreement not to have a mugshot. CNN was rumored to be sulking about this — thinking it might make him more heroic and allow him to wear mugs and t-shirts. CNN may be wrong at times. Trump has reportedly already received more than $8 million in donations.

We’ll eventually find out the exact nature of the charges (reportedly 34). As I mentioned, it might not be as it seems. There’s some charge stacking and count stacking that is making it seem worse against Trump. It’s terrible enough that a former president and a declared candidate for the presidency are being targeted. But, on top of that they are throwing everything they have at the wall in the hopes that something will stick. Although it’s a very serious case, New York is known for being liberal. We’ll see what the verdict is. They will, hopefully, see the absurdity of this.

Trump’s lawyer has also stated that he will be moving to dismiss the charges. Some grounds may have legs. We’ll see how that goes.