Democrat Changes Parties, Giving Republicans Super-Majority in Key Swing State

Of course, Donald Trump’s arraignment in New York for frivolous offenses dominated the news yesterday. Other amazing stories were taking place. One story was, A Supreme Court Election will take place in Wisconsin on Tuesday to decide the fate of the swing state.

Also, things are a little less uncertain in North Carolina now that the Democrat state representative has chosen to become a Republican, and switched parties. This would give the GOP a supermajority within the chamber.

This information is from Axios.

A North Carolina Democratic lawmaker will likely change her party affiliation, multiple Republicans familiar with the discussions tell Axios.

* This would consolidate Republicans’ control in a rapidly changing swing state. They would have a veto-proof majority in the legislative session and be able to implement their agenda with no opposition from Roy Cooper.

The good news: Republicans are only one seat away from a supermajority. They had hoped that Tricia Cotham, a Charlotte state representative, might switch parties. A Republican House member said last week that this possibility was more likely.

* Cotham will make her announcement Wednesday.

North Carolina’s current governor is Roy Cooper. Since 2017, when he started his term, he has held the veto power. They did clear the air about the state’s supreme court. This will allow them to draw new district lines, which is why Tricia Cotham switched parties.

Cooper has been neutered politically, and that’s a very good thing. If Republicans deliver for the people, they can help bring the state back firmly back into the red corner. That would be huge for North Carolina residents, but also big for any GOP presidential candidate.

Something feels like it’s happening at the state level. While Democrats celebrate mostly empty victories at the national level (i.e. spending money), Republicans are putting in the work at the state level and are bringing about lasting change. In Florida, for example, they’ve passed constitutional carry, a six-week abortion ban, and school choice all within a single week of their special session. North Carolina could be next, with a series of broad proposals seeing passage that could reshape the political landscape there.

It is not insignificant to win at the national level. Although this party switch is political (the representative wants to keep their seat), winning is winning, and I’ll take that any day.