Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Response on Democrats Sexualizing Children Leaves 60 Minutes Interviewer Fuming

Marjorie Taylor Greene was on 60 Minutes Sunday night, which led to heated exchanges. Her appearance sparked a storm of criticism from the left, who claimed that CBS News was encouraging fascism by giving it the platform.

Lesley Stahl, who was famously embarrassed by herself when interviewing Donald Trump in 2020, conducted this interview. It was, for the most part, what you would expect. The interview would begin with Greene answering a question. After that, there would be some b-roll and an assertion that Greene was lying. 60 minutes, as expected, did the same when the 2020 election was discussed, insisting that experts had determined that it was the “most secure election in history.”

One exchange was however particularly interesting. Stahl asked Greene about her earlier assertions that some Democrats were pedophiles. This was in response to the current push for sexualizing children and performing “gender-affirming” surgeries on minors.

Stahl was visibly fuming at Greene’s response.

Greene: Democrats support, even Joe Biden the President himself supports, children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do.

Stahl: Wow, okay.

Greene uses “pedophile” even though the term “grooming”, which is more appropriate for the subject at hand, is instructive. Stahl snorts in dismay after the congresswoman has finished her answer. She correctly pointed out that Democrats support the sexualization and mutilation of children, including transgender surgeries and drag shows. She doesn’t tell Greene she’s wrong.

Because the congresswoman is correct. There is a broad, top-down movement within the Democratic Party that seeks to remove the breasts of girls and chemically castrate boys under the banner of transgender ideology. It doesn’t change what is happening. There is also a moral panic from the top about laws that prevent “drag queens,” or anyone performing sexual acts in front of children under 18. General drag performances have never been banned.

Stahl isn’t willing to deal with this stuff though. She also knows she is a far-left activist who must follow the party’s lead. That could mean defending the permanent mutilation and abuse of young children by the transgender lobby. Stahl will take Stahl at the plate.

Right now, Democrats face a messaging crisis. Although the majority of Americans have normal views about the subject, the mainstream media and woke corporations fully support the objective derangement that pushes transgenderism onto children. This is a difficult fence to cross over the long term. These abused children will eventually grow up and share their stories. They won’t be happy. History will not be kind to those who supported the mutilation of children for political gain. Even then, I don’t believe Democrats will ever receive it.