Beekeeper’s Hilarious Showstopper Steals the Spotlight During ‘Bee Delay’ at Dodgers/Diamondbacks Game

Not all heroes are dressed in colorful costumes or capes.

It turned out that this was the case at the Major League Baseball match played Tuesday between the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field.

The Diamondbacks may have won the game in extra innings 4-3, but it was a Phoenix pest-control guy who came up with the best save and became the real MVP of the game.

What led Matt Hilton, a beekeeper, to get the call?

Five minutes before the first pitch, buzz began to build.

Mike Rock, Diamondbacks Vice President of Baseball Operations, received a call from his senior manager, telling him that a colony of bees had gathered on the netting.

She doesn’t normally call me at that time. Rock replied, “I knew something was strange.” She said that there are bees on the net behind home plate. How many bees? She replied, “Hundreds — no, not thousands.” “I knew there was a problem.”

The umpires were informed of the delay by the public address announcer and Diamondbacks manager Torelo Lovullo.

Here’s what the swarm was like. Yikes:

Hilton, the branch manager of Blue Sky Pest Control, was welcomed as a hero. Songs like En Vogue’s “Whatta Man” and Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” were played in the background while he dressed up and worked.

Hilton would raise his arms at various points to get the crowd going.

Hilton’s decision to throw the ceremonial first ball was a legendary one. Watch him unzip the netting of his suit, pose for the crowd, and then take the mound.

Who cares if it’s not the best pitch?

We learned later that Hilton had been at his son’s final t-ball match of the season when he was asked to handle the situation.

He even got his own press conference!

The quote of the Day comes from Twitter user Kyle:

This man got up and went to the office this morning. He is going to sleep as a tiny part of baseball’s history. That’s awesome.”

Yes! Gotta love it. It’s the perfect time to tell a #Merica tale. Matt Hilton, and the bees, of course, thank you.