UCLA Pro-Hamas Prep for Another Night With Riot Gear, Helmets, Gas Masks, Paint, Plywood

The UCLA campus was in chaos and anarchy Tuesday night when pro-Hamas demonstrators who had taken control of the quad clashed violently with a group gathered outside. Multiple fights broke loose, and the scene descended into absolute chaos. The police didn’t arrive for several hours but there were already multiple assaults, serious injuries, and a riot.

The anti-Israel crowd is reportedly preparing for night number two on Wednesday. They are sending their troops out to the big box stores to replenish various items. It sounds like they are preparing for a battle and not peaceful protests.

The organizers have brought in an extensive supply of new PPE including helmets, gasmasks, goggles, and umbrellas as well as paint, plywood, and other riot equipment. Signs direct demonstrators to tents with equipment, such as “Protection Kits 4 Today”

In a request for donations, they had jokingly listed their wish list of items including gluten-free snacks and helmets.

According to this tweet’s donation drive date (May 3), the group plans to stay around for some time:

While law enforcement was largely absent on Tuesday, it has been visible in force today. You can see the LAPD cruisers in action by watching the video to the right of the tweet.

We’ll keep track of what happens. Will UCLA’s feckless Chancellor do anything? Will Gov. Will Gov. Where is Joe Biden while lawlessness descends on so many campuses across our country? Karine Jean-Pierre, our “leader”, has only made a few weak statements.

The following was heard by my wife’s friend at Target on Wednesday:

Los Angeles is experiencing a sunset. We’ll have to wait and see how things unfold, but we do know that the protesters are prepared for battle.