Unindicted COVID Warlord Fauci Making $100K Per Speech

Retired NIAID director and once the highest-paid federal U.S. employee, charges up to $100,000 for speaking engagements…

Fauci will deliver the commencement speech for 2023 Yale Medical School in May. Fauci delivered the keynote speeches at commencement ceremonies at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, University of Maryland and The City College of New York last year.

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the chief Biden medical advisor was once the highest-paid U.S. government employee, surpassing even President Barack Obama. Fauci earned $417,608.00 in 2019, his highest ever earnings, and he had previously earned $384,625.00 in the past two years. Forbes reported that Fauci, who is the head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), earned $3.6 million between 2010 and 2019.

Fauci’s blood money cannot be confiscated and distributed to the millions of COVID-19 victims, the vaccine-wounded and their families. This is a world that isn’t just. Fauci’s lies have been a constant part of the biomedical state’s service for the past three decades.

Fauci is happy, healthy, and content every day.

Are the Republicans “tough on crime” Republicans able to address this issue? Or is it that it’s more convenient to pursue low-level drug peddlers than to the king of organized crime with full support from the Deep State and donors who control both major parties? Maybe they are also taking advantage of big pharma? Or is it greed or sloth? Which of the Seven Deadly Sins is responsible for politicians not prosecuting the most obvious criminals in world history?

Fauci is not being charged with crimes against humanity right now. Fine, indict Fauci for perjury before Congress.

Are we to be the peasants forever condemned to scream at the wall, signing stupid online petitions and begging politicians for help?