Trump Gives Real State of the Union Address

Donald Trump, former President, and Presidential candidate, patiently waited for “President” Biden to speed-slurred. (Thanks to @Hysteria87). Trump used his weak State of the Union speech to post his address on Truth Social.

Tonight, he worked hard. He doesn’t naturally do this. It’s not something he does naturally.

Trump started his remarks with a short introduction: “Here’s the real state of our union.” Then he launches into a detailed, but precise assessment of how the Biden collective has decimated a once-great nation.

Trump swiftly criticized Biden for his open-border borderline treason. “Biden has let millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 nations storm our southern border over the past two years. This is treasonous.

The former president did not waste any time and quickly moved on to the next topic: crime. He then moved to the irresponsible fiscal policies of the Democrats and the damage they’ve caused. “Biden’s radical Democrats spent trillions of dollars and created some of the worst inflation in 50 years. 21 consecutive months with falling real wages have ended. Gas prices are much higher now than ever. An average American family spends $2,200 annually on higher food and energy costs.

Next was another political evil Trump is all too familiar with: Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department — “I’m a victim” — is persecuting Trump’s political opponents

A list of Biden’s sins was quickly followed: “His government waged war against free speech. They want our children to be mutilated.

Trump offered hope for the future. Trump finally offered hope for the future.

God, I miss you. MAGA! Save America!