Ever the Diplomat, Mike Lee Says the Quiet Part out Loud

Utah Senator Mike Lee doesn’t fight like a pugilist. Lee could have taken it to Evan McMullin or Mitt Romney. Lee was a statesman by heart and argued for his re-election.

We are.

Although Senator Mike Lee may be a realist, he communicates the obvious in simple yet elegant language. Lee chose to share his thoughts via Twitter.

Lee shared several tweets regarding his personal opinion about Biden’s SOTU speech and Biden’s current state.

Fox News:

Utah senator John McCain tweeted: “He’s not well. ”

President Biden opened his State of the Union Address by making a joke about Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.N.Y.), the “minority head”.

Biden stated, “And congratulations Chuck Schumer. You know, another term as Senate minority leader. ”

Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is the current Senate Minority leader.

“You know, you know, Mr. Leader, this is when you have a slightly bigger majority. ”

Straightforward, but with a touch more elegance, Lee spoke to Spencer Cox, Utah Governor to discuss how sick Biden was over the course of his speech. They had a casual conversation, and Cox shared some observations.

Biden’s lies regarding Medicare and Social Security drew furious reactions from Republicans in Congress.

Cox was surprised by Biden’s decision.

Lee responded,

“That was an innovative feature. ”

Cox said it didn’t go well.

“I believe the White House staff won’t redeploy the mechanism in the future. ”

It is possible, but it is sad.


Lee pointed out that the State of the Union can eventually turn into a series of pep rallies. This makes it difficult for the speech to be absorbed and heard.

“It is worse because it’s a pep rally. ”

This is Senator Mike Lee’s 13th State of the Union speech. He is a baseball expert that can’t be missed by casual observers and media-oriented people.

“This event was extraordinary in many ways. However, not necessarily positive.” The President of the United States looked straight at us and misunderstood half of what we wanted. He tried it three times, four times, and twice more.

Lee explored then the unique lens formed by spending almost every day with Biden.

“He looked confused when we pushed his back. It was very worrying. Joe Biden has sworn in me twice. He was also Vice President the first two times. I’ve had many conversations and observations with him. I feel his staff did him a disservice in not being able to push back these days. They took undue advantage. ”

There are many. The complete interview with Utah Governor Spencer Cox can be found here.