GOP Congressman Dismisses Complaints Over ‘Lack of Decorum’ at State of the Union

Let’s face facts: Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech had its moments. Some Congressional Republicans were not going to allow Joe Biden to tell his worst lies. They spoke out.

We weren’t used to seeing the same behavior from Republicans during State of the Union speeches. The British House of Commons was more like this year’s State of the Union than the U.S. House of Representatives. It served as a way for viewers to see the GOP hold the President’s feet to the flame.

Some have condemned the “heckling” of some GOP members. However, one member of the Republican delegation claims that the president should have known it was coming.

The Spectator World was told by Andy Ogles, a Republican from Tennessee, that Joe Biden was preparing for it because of the way he dissembled as well as the tone he used towards Republicans.

Biden’s assertion that Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare on an ongoing basis is one of the most flagrant examples of his lying.

He claimed that “That means that if Congress does not vote to keep them,” those programs would be eliminated. “Other Republicans claim that if we don’t cut Social Security or Medicare, America will default on its debt for first time in history.”

Republicans broke out in a chorus full of protests, denunciations and boos. It might make sense to say that they pounced at the moment, but Ogles claims the reaction was justified because Biden’s rhetoric is contrary to what the GOP wants to do.

Ogles said that Biden’s rhetoric on border issues bothers him personally. Ogles has worked with anti-trafficking groups and has seen firsthand the disastrous effects of this administration’s border policy.

Politicians on both sides should expect that the public and their fellow colleagues will hold them accountable. Joe Biden should not be allowed to spout likes with impunity.

Biden’s statements were made in real-time by the GOP on Tuesday night. Ogles may be criticized by the media, but Ogles is correct: Republicans should expose Biden’s lies in order to gain cheap political points for a national audience.