The Pennsylvania State House Has Fallen to the Democrats

The Democratic Party won three special elections to the state House, giving it control over the state house for only the second time in 12 years.

“Democrats won easily the Pittsburgh-area elections in November’s general elections, winning a 102-101 majority — their largest margin in over a decade,” CNN reported that Republicans outnumbered Democrats due to two of their members leaving for higher offices and one dying just before the election. This forced them to reach an uncomfortable power-sharing agreement. It is now over. The Democrats have seized control of the body and are leading a dramatic reorganization of politics in the Commonwealth. Gov. Josh Shapiro (a Democrat) was elected to the state House in a landslide victory last year. Democratic US Senator John Fetterman flipped a seat held by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey. Democrats will have greater control over the crafting of Pennsylvania’s crucial budget bill by winning the state House.

The Pennsylvania state Senate is still controlled by Republicans. The Democrats’ recent success in Pennsylvania is a troubling warning sign for Republicans before the 2024 elections. Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College vote makes it a key battleground.