Record Percentage of Americans Say They Have Been Worse Off Financially Since Biden Was Elected

According to a poll, a record number of Americans believe that they are financially more insecure under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

A poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post revealed that 41% of respondents felt they were financially less fortunate since Biden’s January 2021 induction. This is the highest percentage in the poll’s 37-year history.

Only 16% said they are happier.

However, the poll found that 25% felt more fortunate under Trump’s presidency, while 13% said they were less fortunate.

A poll showed that former President Donald Trump would easily win the election, with 48% of respondents saying they would vote for Trump and 44% saying that they would vote for Biden.

This latest poll is part of a heated debate within the Democratic Party over whether Biden should seek another term or be replaced at the 2024 election. Many people point to his age as one reason that many voters may not support his reelection campaign.

Only 44% voted for Biden as the party’s nominee in 2023. Nearly half of those polled (49%) supported a different candidate.

A reporter asked the president about polling showing that many Democrats didn’t want him to run again. The president responded angrily.

He exclaimed “They want me to run” and shouted at the reporter, “You guys all are one.” “The poll found that 92% of Democrats would vote in my favor if I ran.”

Biden is likely to highlight his economic policies during Tuesday’s State of the Union speech. Despite the low unemployment rate, wage growth has been moderate and not affected by high inflation.

According to a poll, 53% disapprove of Biden’s job performance while 42% approve.

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