Turns Out the Atlanta Terrorists Are Children of Privilege

Are the Yankees burning Atlanta?

We know that the majority of Antifa terrorists who attacked Atlanta this weekend and occupied the future site of a public safety center for months, hail from no place near Atlanta. We learn more about these criminals and realize that they are not oppressed minorities who are fighting against the system.

Many of the terrorists in Atlanta are children of high privilege.

Take Francis Carroll as an example of an evil-looking, he allegedly set fire to a police cruiser Saturday night.

Carroll hails from Kennebunkport, Maine. He was born in the home of his parents before moving to Atlanta.

Andy Ngo, editor of the New York Post, noted that Carroll was among six people arrested on Dec. 13 for domestic terrorist, assault, and other offenses. This arrest follows string property attacks in the region, as well assaults on officers and carjackings.

Serena Hertal is next. She graduated from Pitzer College, Claremont (Calif.), at $82,000 per annum. How did she manage to make the most of such a high-end education? In Atlanta, she is facing charges for domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, and criminal trespass.

Ivan James Ferguson is a clarinetist. A Nevada native, Ivan James Ferguson (23), is a clarinetist. Ferguson performed with orchestras on the West Coast, before deciding to give it all up to protect San Francisco. He should be a decent prisoner.

Meet Emily Kathryn Murphy.

Ngo reports Murphy’s blog post: “I’ve been vegan five and a half years, and my family still hasn’t understood what veganism is.” Emily isn’t the only one.

Madeleine Feola (22), of Spokane is a special mention. She attended Oberlin College in Ohio. She was a far-left and tony student. She studied archaeology, with a particular focus on decolonization. Feola is now known as “Henri.” Because if you’re wealthy, why not use French names for your transition to France.

Ngo recalls Atlanta Antifa thugs being arrested in a dramatic thread from last years. These people are from exceptional privilege backgrounds.

These brats were able hide in the woods and throw firebombs at officers.

These arrests also contain a few snots of privileged backgrounds:

According to her LinkedIn, Teresa Yue Shen was a Brooklyn woman arrested January 18. She graduated from Barnard College, worked for CNN, Reuters and other news agencies, and was later charged with domestic terroric.

Abigail Elizabeth Skapyak from Minneapolis. Skapyak was arrested on May 17.

Marianna H. Lange, a violinist from New York University, was arrested on May 17.

* Madeleine “Matthias,” Gunther Kodat, Philadelphia, is the daughter Lawrence University’s former provost and dean of faculty. May 17 was her arrest.

Shen is 31 years old and also the daughter of a Chinese publishing and pharmaceutical giant. Shen used to live in Brooklyn for half a million dollars until she decided to take up crime.

These twerps claim that they lack leadership but have the infrastructure to make statements.

This statement is false. These terrorists do not defend “forests” as though they were protected. This is an old prison farm, which has been overgrown and now belongs to the city.

Gov. Brian Kemp (R.Ga. On Wednesday, Gov. Brian Kemp (R.Ga.) spoke on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto about the terrorist attacks in Atlanta.

He stated that he was frustrated by the situation and forced the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to work with the State Patrol to create a safe environment. ”

These terrorists need to be stopped by the local and state authorities. Atlanta cannot let carpetbaggers dictate its actions.