Joe Biden Has a Hard Time Trying to Explain the Latest Aid to Ukraine

You’ve likely heard the news that the United States will send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. This is part of a multicountry transfer that also includes Leopard tanks from Germany.

Joe Biden, for some reason, felt the need to make a grand announcement from the podium. He shouldn’t. He was having a great time trying to understand his prepared remarks.

It’s like watching a crack addict balance a plate on his head while he speaks. He has a way of making even the most simple things seem complicated. While delivering very important remarks about foreign policy, he accuses Ukraine of “brutal aggression.”

You will need to see these clips, as with most Biden clips, to really get the full effect. He seems to be a bit sluggish after all his miscommunications. What’s the matter with his eyes? Although he is almost 80 years old, his eyes are as large as raisins and lack any white. He just seems exhausted to the extreme, isn’t he? Maybe the drug cocktail that he receives each morning hasn’t kicked in yet?

Biden was not done, however, as expected. Although the flub could have been ignored, Biden was unable to stop trying to address Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin.

This “mistake”, Biden has made several times over the years, can be seen here and here. It’s apparently very difficult for the President of the United States of America to remember the name of the appointed position of his closest cabinet member. Perhaps he is just a figurehead who doesn’t lead his administration. Nah, couldn’t be. This is just wild talk from my side.

This is the first time I have written a piece like this. It seems like it happens at least once per week due to Biden’s condition. I can’t believe he will run for reelection in 2024. This man can’t even read a few prewritten comments. He is going to run a campaign!

Although I know that the answer will be that he doesn’t need to, after 2020’s basement strategy, I don’t believe that is true. He’s got a terrible record to defend, and his “old Joe bringing home norms” routine is gone. I believe he should have some presence if running again. Many Democrats know that he is not capable of it.