Trump Unveils Stirring Campaign Ad Saluting UNC Frat Brothers’ Flag Protection

The former president Donald Trump posted a stirring campaign ad on Saturday to his Truth Social page featuring fraternity men from the UNC and other colleges across the country who stood up to radical pro-Hamas demonstrators on their campuses.

It’s not true that all college students support terrorists and are anti-Israel. A lot of them don’t agree with what’s happening.

Trump is paying attention. His new ad shows clips of some of these events, set to music that’s uplifting. The video starts with the words “While campuses are struggling to control their students, UNC-Chapel Hill is bringing order back.”


The ad shows violent pro-Hamas mobs in the United States, but we also see frat brothers from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill who protected the American Flag at their campus demonstration. John Rich, the country singer, has announced that he will perform a concert in honor of these brothers who are members of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.

John Rich, a musician, said, “I was impressed when I saw UNC students holding the flag, and making sure that it didn’t hit the ground. It told me a great deal about them.” He was so moved that he offered his services for free to the party.

Rich said on NewsNation’s “On Balance” Thursday that the show would be called Flagstock. “We might have to write a song about it.”

The advertisement showed patriotic acts at other campuses:

The ad went on, mixing news clips from Fox News with “Primetime With Jesse Watters” where they responded to the students.

The ad claimed the students had “resisted” being “pelted” with bottles and stones. It also called the UNC fraternity members the “most popular students in college” and described them as “patriotic”, for their defense of the American flag.

Compare Trump’s ad with the “leadership”, shown by Biden in his flimsy remarks on all the violence. He took the time to condemn Islamophobia. Seriously? Are Muslim students being harassed and even prevented from attending class by chanting, threatening, or teasing? I haven’t witnessed it.

Trump’s advertisement is a good reminder that there are plenty of patriots still in this country. Just because they are in the media right now doesn’t mean it’s the majority.

Hopefully, we will see a massive backlash in November against the leftist, progressive revolutionaries.