Shocking Video: Man Sucker-Punches Elderly Man in Unprovoked Attack, Posts it Online

A New Mexico man sucker-punched an older man and posted a video of it. Police said they were unable to take any action despite admitting that they had seen the video.

Armando Gandara posted a video on Facebook showing him punching an older man who appeared to be in Albuquerque, before running off.

In a statement given to KOB, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office stated that although they had viewed the video, nothing could be done without the victim coming forward.

In this case, the victim has not yet come forward. We do not know her identity. This case cannot be moved forward without a victim’s statement and report. We encourage the victim to speak to a deputy and make a statement to help us pursue justice.

Later, the post was removed.

Amanda Kimbrel also spoke with KOB. She said she works alongside Gandara, at UPS. She fears that his violence will escalate. She said that working with the man in the same office makes her afraid for her safety.

She said, “When I get to work each morning, my anxiety is at an all-time high because I have no idea what he will do.”

No precautions were taken to ensure my safety or that of my co-workers. “Am I going to be killed today? I ask myself every morning as I leave for work. I know it sounds dramatic, but he’s not completely insane.”

Kimbrel claims that she has filed a restraining against Gandara since January, but he continues to violate it without any consequences.

She claimed that he had violated the law seven or six times. He stole one of his friend’s phones and reached out to me pretending to be that other friend. He breaks it at work. He should, you know, keep within 100 yards. “He comes right next to me.”

Kimbrel plans to take Gandara before a court for violating the restraining orders, but she also hopes that the victim will come forward and file charges.

She said, “People must stop taking crap from people who are like this and start standing up for themselves.” “So, whoever the older gentleman that, you know, punched him in the face like that. I hope that he will come forward.”

Here is a video of the incident.