Chicago Mayor Johnson Dodges Press Amidst Controversy Over Slain Cop’s Family’s Rebuke

Officer Huesca was shot with 10 rounds by Xavier Tate, who is believed to be the gunman.

The police caught up with Huesca 10 days after his arrest. A shady story unfolded in the days following Huesca’s burial.

Huesca’s Family stated that the “vile nature of this crime and its devastating impact on our family, and community, demands uncompromising pursuit of justice.”

We find comfort in Officer Huesca’s legacy of service and bravery, even though no amount of justice can bring him or our hearts to full health.

The family has publicly requested that neither Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson nor Governor J.B. Pritzker attend Huesca’s funeral.

Susana Menado of the State Comptroller whose brother worked as a policeman tried to convince her mother, who was the mother of a deceased officer, that she should reconsider.

Mom was crying. Mendoza spokesperson said they didn’t want the mayor to be present as they don’t think he supports the police.

Angelica Guerrero Cuellar (D-Chicago) was present at the time when Mendoza spoke with the mother. Mrs. Huesca confirms her words. Mendoza says she told Johnson that he wasn’t welcome and he hung up.

Johnson had to explain how he felt about being rejected by his family. The mayor attended the National Day of Prayer Service on Thursday. When reporters asked about the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Officer Huesca and the controversy over his absence at the funeral, the mayor looked like a scared bunny.

“Mr. Mayor, why do you run from us?” Mary Ann Ahern of NBC 5 shouted at Johnson as he scrambled through a group of suited aides before jumping into a black SUV.

Darius Johnson of CBS Chicago said: “Mayor, we just wanted to comment on the arrest that was made last night regarding Officer Huesca. ”

John Kass a Chicago political analyst wrote that he had never seen anything as “despicable” in Chicago Politics as Johnson’s attempt to pressure a grieving mom by sending powerful politicians who pressed her to invite Johnson.

Kass wrote, “If you don’t want to be that low then just run like a dog if you are caught.” ”

He can make excuses that are built into a coward. He can use an excuse that is built into a coward.

The Sun-Times reported John Catanzara as the president of the Fraternal Order Of Police. Catanzara stated that there was an implied connection between the honors burial and the presence of the mayor.

Kass calls Johnson “a complete embarrassment” for his city, the police, and those he claims to represent. Johnson is known for avoiding accountability. He blamed J.B. Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, and his aides for the chaos caused by his incompetence.

The real fear at City Hall is that Johnson will freeze this summer when the Democratic Convention protests break out in the city.