Biden’s Cinco de Mayo Gaffe: Two-Year-Olds and Cutting Trump?

Joe Biden hosted a celebration at the White House on Monday to celebrate “Cinco de Mayo”.

Each time this happens, I have friends who think “Oh no! What is he going to say that will ruin it? Joe and Jill are notorious for their comments about Hispanics. Jill’s comparison of people to breakfast tacos, and her play “Despacito” were both extremely offensive.

The public comments made by politicians are often racist.

What did Joe say about the event?

Biden seems to think that Americans want to hear about his efforts to assist illegal aliens while he celebrates Mexican holidays. But the majority of Americans are worried about illegal immigration. The majority of Americans are concerned about illegal immigration, especially those who immigrated themselves or had ancestors who did.

Listen to Joe describe illegal immigrants as “model Citizens”. Listen to this bizarre jumble.

Imagine a child of two years old saying to his mom, “Mom please don’t take me across the Rio Grande. Biden responded, “It is against the law. Let me rest. ”

Joe, you are wrong. Your mom broke the law and no one is a perfect citizen. Joe believes the government should not be punishing people for breaking the law or entering the country.

His failure to enforce laws has led to a flood of illegal immigration. While asking voters to vote for him, he laughs at laws and encourages them to be broken.

This was also a slew of lies about Donald Trump the former president.

Biden claimed that Trump only reduced taxes for the wealthy, but he cut them for all Americans. Biden wants the tax cuts to end. He will raise taxes on everyone, even Hispanics.

Biden forgets even to mention “insulin” in his remarks. He couldn’t even keep his lie straight.

He also lied about Trump cutting Social Security and Medicare. “The candidate” is Trump. This could be interpreted as a warning by many, especially since Democrats have already tried to remove Trump from the ballot.

He laughs as if this were funny. This is not funny. It is a serious threat to the very existence of our nation.

He lies about what Trump has said about immigration and compares those who are here illegally with those who have come legally. He “lost” 85,000 children at the border and spoke of “family-separation policies”. It was much worse last year.

Who is the real danger to “democracy”? ”

At the end of his speech, he appeared confused and unsure about where he was going.

And yes, possibly the most pathetic “four more years” chant ever, Jill even has to start it.

This is how he’s treated by guests in the White House. It is no wonder he does so badly in the polls.