Bernie Sanders Defies Retirement Talks at 82, Announces Reelection Bid

Before we move on, I need to clear up a few things. Is it me or does Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a “Democrat Socialist”, look like he’s brushing his hair with a balloon?

Sanders announced Monday that he would run for re-election in November. This ended speculations about his retirement at a moment when the Democrat Party was frightened by the aging of its leadership.

Sanders, as is the current favorite thing of the left, framed his reelection announcement as part of a larger effort to prevent Donald Trump from gaining another term as President of the United States — as hyperbolically he could.

Will the United States even continue to function as a democratic form of government, or will it move towards an authoritarian one? [Can we reverse] this unprecedented level of wealth and income inequality?

I am in a good position and will continue to be in the future if I’m re-elected.

Bernie, please note that the “difficult” times you refer to have been during the three years Joe Biden was in the White House and not Donald Trump. We’ll come back to the “wealth inequalities” in a moment.

What Bernie diatribe is complete without a hyperbolic riff on “climate change”?

Together, we need to continue fighting climate change. We must transform our energy system from fossil fuels into energy efficiency and renewable energy. I am proud to have brought $62 million to the state to help our citizens afford solar panels on their roofs and extra money for heat pumps. This is not enough. This is a worldwide crisis. We must work together with all countries on the planet to reduce carbon emissions and save our children and future generations.

Sanders’s announcement is boring, but you can watch it if you want to.

Sanders told The Associated Press, “We are living in a difficult and complicated political moment.” He then threw Israel in the dirt by saying: “I strongly disagree with Biden on the Gaza war.”

Sanders repeatedly referred to Trump as the “most dangerous president in American History.” This is utter nonsense, but one must wonder what criteria Sanders applies to define “a dangerous president.”

Joe Biden’s deliberately caused illegal alien crisis Inflation that is so stubborn it continues to crush hardworking Americans every month? Biden’s mess and the never-ending war in Ukraine. Or perhaps abortion on demand up to the moment of conception? Bernie, the list is long. Please elaborate.

Tell us more about what would happen if Donald Trump defeated the worst president of modern history, at least in November. We are all listening.

Wait– I almost forgot.

Sanders’ rant against the “rich” was a slap in the face to his estimated $3 million net worth by 2023. Between 2011 and 2023, Sanders earned $2.5 million from royalties and book advances. This is another great example of it’s good for me but not you.