Trump Slams Netanyahu In Curse Fueled Interview For Congratulating Biden

The former Israeli prime minister recently congratulated President Biden for his win and was accused of being disloyal by former president Donald Trump. According to statements made by Trump in an interview with Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, “I haven’t spoken to him since.” He added, “F–k Him.”

Trump accused Netanyahu of being too quick to speak up after what the former president still has yet to admit was a legitimate electoral process.

“Nobody did more to Bibi. Bibi was a good friend of mine. He said that he still liked Bibi, referring to the former prime minister by his nickname. “But loyalty is also something I like. Bibi was the first to congratulate Biden. He congratulated him on tape.

Netanyahu waited for 12 hours to call Biden after the election was called, in order to congratulate him on his victory.

“Congratulations Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. Joe, we have had a warm and long personal relationship for almost 40 years and I consider you a great friend and colleague of Israel,” Netanyahu tweeted. “I look forward to working with you both to strengthen the special alliance between Israel and the USA.” Then, he posted another tweet thanking Trump “personally” for his friendship with Israel.

Trump took issue with Netanyahu’s comments. He later described his relationship with Biden in a tweet on Inauguration Day as a “warm personal friend going back many years”

Trump stated that Trump and Trump didn’t share a friendship because they would not have signed the Iran deal if they did. And guess what? They’re going back to it again. Israel is at grave risk if they repeat it.

“I’ll tell ya what, if I hadn’t come along, I believe Israel was going to fall apart.” Do you want the truth? Trump said that he believed Israel would be destroyed by now. Trump has not yet indicated whether he will be a candidate for the presidency again in 2024.