Psaki Said It’s OK To Let Children Eat Lunch In The Cold To Keep Kids Safe

White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently suggested that children can eat outside in cold weather in order to keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked if the White House would like schoolchildren to get back a more normal school experience, Psaki said that schools have children practicing social distancing, masking up, and eating their snacks and lunches in cold outdoor temperatures to keep them safe.

Psaki stated that she believes that the “vast majority” of parents appreciate the school system’s efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus among elementary school-aged children. Psaki made mention of the rules that her child follows at school.

Psaki stated that she has a three-year-old who sits outside for lunch and snacks. He also wears a mask inside. Psaki stated that the Biden administration aims to reach a “point normalcy for everyone.”

Psaki stated that they want to get to a stage where we’re turning towards a version of normalcy for everybody. She said you want to get to a point where you’re not sending 7 extra masks to your children’s backpacks or adding 2 hats for warmth outside.