Biden Presidency Weakened By Progressive Wing Of Democratic Party

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius joined the Brian Kilmeade Show on Thursday to discuss Vladimir Putin’s “genuine recklessness”, the possibility of China isolating the country, and how far-left policies have destabilized the Biden presidency.

David Ignatius stated that his hope was for Joe Biden to be elected as a centrist. This is the way he ran, at least in the Democratic Party. He was the most centrist among them. He has a track record of good relations with Republicans in Congress. He’s probably been pulled away from the Democratic Party by the progressive wing more than he should. It’s hurt his presidency, I believe. I hope he sees that. It all comes back to the person elected by the country.

Ignatius said he believes that the right space, a winning space for the nation, is the space in the middle of most people. The vast majority of people don’t live in the extreme wings. That is what I know, and you know it too. We need leadership that reflects this. Many of our problems will be solved if we have leaders who are able to communicate with the entire country.