New Mexico State Lawmaker Changes Party Affiliation From Democrat To Decline To State

Recently, it was reported that Jacob Candelaria, a New Mexico senator, switched from Democrat to “declining party” affiliation. Redistricting was the subject of the special session. Candelaria claimed that it was the reason why he quit the party.

Candelaria said that he does not believe decisions should be made on the basis of political ambitions. Candelaria stated that removing representation from the people he represents would be detrimental to many Hispanics.

Candelaria complained about political tribalism in America and said that both parties demand loyalty with no room for discussion and that they adhere to the law.

The January riots and recent actions involving New Mexico Gov. The lawmaker cited Candelaria as a source. She was also one of the state senators who brought Lujan Grisham to the court to challenge her handling federal aid under Biden’s Rescue Plan Act. The judge ruled against her after she was accused of improperly allocating funds, without consent from Congress.

Candelaria previously stated that he was not seeking reelection. However, he said that he has stopped playing politics.