Illinois Democrat Files Measure To Punish Unvaccinated For Clogging Up Health Care System

A bill has been proposed by an Illinois Dem that would require unvaccinated individuals to cover all medical expenses if they are hospitalized with coronavirus.

The measure was proposed by State Rep. Jonathan Carroll and accompanied by the news that the average cost of coronavirus hospitalizations now stands at $24K.

Carroll stated that the vaccine was the only thing that stopped the severeness of COVID-19 as they are seeing more variants.¬†Experts tell us that this is becoming a disease that affects only the unvaccinated. It’s not those who are clogging the system with health care, but the ones who are.”

Carroll’s bill proposes that anyone who is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination and does not choose to have the vaccine shall be responsible for any out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred if they are hospitalized due to COVID-19 symptoms.

The changes would not affect Illinois residents until January 2023 if they were passed into law. The bill could face legal challenges, and Carroll said to the Chicago Sun-Times it was a “starting place — we’ll be seeing where the conversations take us.”

Dr. Siegel believes vaccines should protect against new coronavirus variants. Illinois GOP Sen. Dan McConchie told the newspaper that he opposed taking Illinoisans’ health care away.