Transsexual Activist Accused of Stabbing a Portland Taxi Driver on Easter Sunday

A 30-year-old transsexual man was charged with stabbing a Portland taxi driver on Easter Sunday. According to the Oregonian, the victim had been a Radio Cab driver for many decades.

The company released a statement on Facebook stating that the victim was “a great individual who came to work in hope of having an amazing Easter Sunday shift.”

Darin Campbell was a spokesperson for Radio Cab. He stated that the victim’s trip was cut short by a passenger, who killed him within minutes of boarding a fare.

Campbell stated that it was “vicious, senseless, and brutish.” Campbell said, “There was no conversation or altercation. ”

According to the victim, the victim claims that the passenger drove him from 22 SW Third Avenue. The victim then crossed the river to Southeast Third Avenue. The victim reached Washington Street as well. Campbell says that Campbell asked Campbell where he wanted to drop him off. Campbell said that the suspect gave Campbell a new address, which was far more distant.

Campbell said that the driver attempted to add the new address on his GPS but was stopped by the passenger who stabbed him in the neck.

Police responded to a call about a stabbing incident in southeast Portland at 6:40 PM. Police located the victim and the suspect.

The Portland Police Bureau announced Monday that Moses Lopez had been booked at Multnomah County Detention Center. He was charged with second-degree murder and unlawful weapons use.

Lopez pleaded guilty Monday to both charges according to the Oregonian.

Lopez was taken into custody on April 3rd. He was charged with menacing two people in Coos County with a dangerous weapon. Lopez was released on bail.

Andy Ngo, Post Millennial editor, stated that Lopez is a biological male who claims to be a woman. He described Lopez as an “LGBTQ+ activist.”

The suspect’s Facebook page has photos of him with blue nail polish and LGBT symbols. One photo is captioned “Love wins Pride.”

Lopez can also be seen with a mustache and makeup for women in several photos.

Ngo reported Lopez might have begun to disguise himself as a woman after previously being identified as a gay man.

“At times I wish I was a woman rather than a feminine gay man just so I could deck a basic bitch in the faceā€¦so annoying,” Lopez said in a 2015 Facebook post.

The Oregon State Board of Nursing regulates certain healthcare providers in Oregon. Lopez was fired on June 12, 2021, after harassing his coworkers.

Ngo obtained an OSBN document from Lopez that stated he had “engaged with abusive, threatening behavior toward co-workers.”

Lopez will appear in court again on April 18.

Campbell claims Lopez was a dedicated taxi driver. He loved Portland and wanted to help people get there.

Campbell claims the victim has not been the subject of any complaint during the 10 years that he was employed by the company.

“I think drivers will be more aware of what’s going on behind their seats and who it’s because it happened out of nowhere,” Campbell stated.

Radio Cab said, “Our hearts are broken as it is difficult to understand this terrible crime against one of ours.” ”

According to a spokesperson for the company, this murder shows Portland’s urgent need for serious assistance. “… Portland must accept the troubling statistics of setting a new record for homicides last ye, and is unfortunately on track to repeat this trend.

The murder of the driver is reported to be the 22nd homicide in Democrat-run municipalities since Jan. 1. Based on the crime dashboard from Portland Police Bureau, there have been only 100 murders and nearly 10,000 assault offenses between 2022 and 2023.

The crime index of Neighborhood Scout gives Portland a score of 1 (lowest possible; 100 being the safest). One-third of 133 people are most likely to be victims of violent crime. One-third of 17 people are most likely to be victims of property crimes.