Another Premier Business Bails Out of Violent and ‘Hostile’ San Francisco

Another large corporation announced plans to leave violent San Francisco. This announcement follows the murder of Cash App founder Ed Lee. It also comes after the near-murder of San Francisco’s former fire commissioner by an “homeless” guy with a pipe. The murder of a five year-old girl was committed by a tech company flight.

San Francisco’s violent tendencies are a reflection of the desires of its woke leaders. They seem to embrace the fentanyl-fueled homeless who use their government checks to pay rent instead of for drugs. The City by the Bay has not welcomed any anti-social activity with their “sanctuary” policies. Similar dumb ideas have been adopted by Seattle and Portland, with similar results.

Whole Foods joins hundreds of other businesses and thousands of individuals who are tired of a city that doesn’t believe there are societal rules or civility.

Monday saw the closing of the company’s flagship “Trinity”, 8th and Market location. Amazon couldn’t “ensure safety for our Team Members,” and all employees who were harassed by mentally ill street people and crackheads, have been transferred to other locations.

The San Francisco Standard reported Whole Foods attempted to deal with its difficult circumstances, but was forced to cut its hours and close its bathrooms when it discovered drug paraphernalia.

At 64,737 square feet, the mid-Market Whole Foods Store was one of the largest.

London Breed, the San Francisco Mayor, stated that she tried to negotiate with the store for it to stay. However Whole Foods believes that the body count is too high and there is not enough political will to clean up.

Matt Dorsey, a Board of Supervisors member, stated that he is calling for more police to be hired and hopes that Whole Foods will one day return. He expressed his disappointment but was not surprised by the temporary closing of Whole Foods.

Jason Calacanis (tech executive and angel investor) answered his tweet. He is one of four podcast hosts who responded to Calacanis’s tweet. Calacanis asked the supervisor one question: “Have you ever considered arresting violent felons?”


Bob Lee’s killer is still not found.

Surprisingly, the man who attempted to kill San Francisco’s former fire chief was arrested. However, his public defender said that the 24-year old will plead self-defense. Don Carmignani, 53, tried to move three people sleeping in front of his parents’ home using pepper spray. Carmignani suffered a broken jaw and fractured skull. KTVU was informed by his friend that Carmignani, the ex-fire commissioner, will be “disabled for all of life.”

This message is to say that while homeowners shouldn’t tell “homeless” dangerous people to move off, and they can’t use pepper Spray to stop them from doing so, they can beat them to the bone in self-defense. Self-defense is something I believe in. It doesn’t sound like self defense to place a pipe on an older man’s head and leave him there.

Whole Foods is moving out of Dodge. How can you ensure your employees are safe when your employer won’t remove the dangerous crackheads that endanger your customers and workers? It’s over. Blackstreet, one of the most prominent political philosophers, once sang “We Out, We Out.” Whole Foods doesn’t need to be told twice.

According to The Standard, the entire downtown area has suffered a “massive decrease in foot traffic dues to remote work.”

There is a fear that San Francisco may have spent its gazillions of COVID cash. The city is now in the red and has more than one million square feet of space abandoned by Meta (Facebook), Lyft and Lyft. The fear is that San Francisco could end up in “doom loop”.

San Francisco’s woke leaders also brought a lot of it on themselves.