Woke Teacher Slaps a Middle Schooler

What kind of person would decide it’s OK to slap middle schoolers in the classroom? A stentorian, hard-line Bible-thumping headmaster in a Christian school. Actually, no. The offender in this case is actually on the side of those who believe love wins and pronouns are important and put signs in front yards stating “In This House, We Believe”. Of course, the offender is a leftist.

According to a press release issued by the city of Lake Oswego (Ore.), Ellen J. Sawo was taken into custody on April 7. Sawo was presenting at Lakeridge Middle School’s career day. Some students might have been rowdy as middle schoolers tend to be less civilized than others. It is understandable for a teacher to feel frustrated. It isn’t clear why Sawo shouted profanities at the students and then went so far as to slap a student. Sawo did not injure the student and left the school before the police arrived. She was eventually caught up by the police and allowed to cool off in Clackamas County Jail. This is not what you would expect of someone who promotes love and tolerance. You wouldn’t know it from her Twitter feed that she could slap a child.

Sawo is the founder of a business-development agency, according to her bio. She also states that New York is her home and believes it to be the center of the universe. Perhaps she should have enjoyed a cup of chai tea instead of slapping a middle schooler.

The whole situation could be viewed as ironic. It is not ironic, however. There are two things at play here. The first is the hubris displayed by leftists. This same hubris allows them to exonerate conservatives and Christians for being intolerant, heartless, and violent while being perfectly content with disemboweling people over a pronoun. It doesn’t matter what they do as long as they stand up for the right things.

Second, leftists are known for their right-leaning views and can be enraged about the wrong things. They are due our attention as well as our respect. Middle schoolers, as I mentioned above, are not known for their good behavior. They should have settled down and displayed basic human respect. If we are being honest, the founder and CEO of a business development agency will not be able to keep the attention of middle schoolers who, like many kids, are on the edge or in puberty. They are likely to be checking their phones five times per hour and were raised to believe that they are the center of the universe. Maybe high schoolers. Smart college kids would have tuned in. But middle schoolers? They won’t want to have a cup of chai tea with her. Don’t forget about the cocktails.

Sawo shouldn’t have been offended by the children’s behavior. She was entitled to be. She should not have been so self-centered as to strike at a child, who was likely counting down the minutes to her dismissal to go to lunch or go home. The point is that she should have expected that a group of teenagers would be as fascinated as she is. Perhaps everyone should have started with the pronouns. This would have set the tone.