Tragedy Strikes: Three Dead in Las Vegas Law Office Shooting

A shooting took place inside a Las Vegas business on Monday near Pavilion Center Drive, Charleston Boulevard, and multiple emergency vehicles responded. The area was closed.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded at 10:04 am and posted updates on social media. LVMPD released an update just before noon stating that Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill had announced the shooter’s death and that he was no longer a danger to the community.

The shooter has been confirmed dead by @Sheriff_LVMPD. Public safety is not at risk.

As a precaution, schools in the area were placed briefly on a “soft lockdown”.

The police provided updates that indicated, according to Sheriff McMahill the shooting took place in a law firm located inside a multistory building. Three people were killed in the incident, including the shooter and two victims. It appears that this was a self-inflicted shot. LVMPD says that they are still investigating the motive and the relationship between the victim and the assailant.

LVMPD wrote:

UPDATE 12:22 pm According to LVMPD sheriff Kevin McMahill this shooting took place at a legal office. Two people are dead, including the shooter.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the multi-story building. We are investigating to find a motive for the shooting and the relationship between victims and shooters.