Joe Biden’s Wisconsin Visit Turns into a Comedy of Errors and Fibs

Joe Biden’s shame was eclipsed in Wisconsin as the nation watched a total solar eclipse on Monday. The president spent an incomprehensible amount of taxpayers’ money to fly on Air Force One to Wisconsin and then proceeded to stumble and lie through a mercifully brief speech.

He boasted about defying Supreme Court rulings on student loans and a new lie about his childhood. The latter is so easily refuted that I assume he doesn’t even bother anymore. But let’s start with this admission.

It was the most honest thing that he said. Jill Biden recently demanded that her husband “stop, stop it immediately” in regards to Israel’s war against Hamas. The president called Benjamin Netanyahu the next day to tell him that he had to agree to a truce. Biden receiving “instructions” from his wife is probably not the most surprising thing to happen during his presidency.

Biden will make it so that you pay for someone’s degree in gender studies, no matter what. He doesn’t give a damn that only a minority of Americans have student loans, or that the Constitution does not allow for selective forgiveness.

It’s all about buying votes. Biden believes he can overcome the current electoral deficit if he offers voters tens and thousands of dollars of “free money”. He may be right, however, there is a possibility that working-class Americans could revolt if he offers them tens of thousands in “free money”.

Two aspects of the clip above are worth examining. He’s lying when he says he makes an average salary. But more importantly, the CHIPS Act regulations that are unworkable have caused semiconductor companies to halt or even cancel American projects.

The topic is worthy of a detailed analysis. Here are some highlights I shared on social media a few weeks before this article.

Since the Biden-backed law included requirements for workers’ demographics, semiconductor firms are unable to hire the required labor. Bidenomics has ruined another industry.

Chipmakers, for example, must ensure that they hire a large number of women construction workers even though only 10 percent of construction workers in the United States are female. Also, they have to provide childcare for female engineers and construction workers who do not yet exist. It is necessary to eliminate degree requirements and implement “diverse hire slate policies,” a code word for quotas. The plan must be developed in “close coordination and ongoing communication with stakeholders who are present on the ground.”

Biden’s speech would not be complete without some outrageous claim about his history that can be proven to be false.

Do the math. Biden is said to have come from a neighborhood in which people did not have the chance to attend college. As we have been told many times, he went to college. It’s also been said that he is from a hard-working family. This would be proof that he did not grow up in a desolate area where the working class had no chance to attend college.

Biden’s dad was a used car salesman. I’m sure that many other people in the area had similar opportunities. Who am I to doubt the past of someone who has plagiarized and lied about it to put himself at the center of every situation? The president wants to make you think that he’s everything, but he is just a pampered career politician with no sense of hard work.

It was done. Biden left the stage in less than 15 minutes.

I’m glad we can pay to have his campaign and promise the world about certain demographics to help him win reelection. I would say that it was money well spent.