Hate Crime Horror: School Bus Aide in Littleton, CO, Accused of Abusing Non-Verbal Students

Littleton lies in the western suburbs of Denver. Kiarra Monteron, a bus driver’s assistant, was arrested for allegedly abusing three non-verbal autistic students.

The local law firm that represents these families alleges that a Littleton Public Schools bus aid abused three children with severe autism for six months.

They are non-verbal and rely on caregivers for basic needs. The children traveled daily on a LPS special schoolbus to and from their homes to the Joshua School. The facility provides one-on one training for autistic children. According to Mohamedbhai LLC which represents the three families of the children involved, video footage taken on March 18 showed that the bus assistant, identified as Kiarra Mont Laron Jones of Littleton and 29, repeatedly striking, punched, and stomped one of the children.

Jones is a specially trained driver who takes care of students with disabilities on their way to or from school.

Jones, a paraprofessional hired by Littleton Public Schools to care for students in the bus.

The warrant of arrest was filed for Jones on April 4th. It states that the charges against her are crimes against an at-risk adult or juvenile (third-degree sex assault) and crimes of bodily injury. An investigation is ongoing and additional criminal charges could be filed.

Andy Ngo shared on Twitter a video depicting some horrific acts of physical abuse.

It appears that a child with a disability was attacked violently and without provocation.

Parents have high levels of trust for the educational system. This includes teachers, administrators, bus drivers, nurses, and other staff. But we never see them. It is a terrible betrayal, made worse by the autistic and helpless nature of Kiarra Monte Laron’s victims.

She must not be allowed near any disabled child.