Three Mass Shootings in 24 Hours in Chicago

According to most measures, Chicago is not the most violent American city. However, perception is only nine-tenths true to reality. The perception is that violence is out of control in Chicago and that the police, politicians, and activists cannot stop it.

The city is unable to agree on the cause of the dramatic increase in shootings over two years. It’s the gangs. There are too many guns. Lax policing is too frequent.

The list of civilians who were killed is also included — innocent victims of the chaos and mayhem that has become as integral to Chicago’s landscape as its beautiful lakefront.

The violence is largely attributable to gangs. The justice system in Chicago is more concerned with releasing criminals who were “victims” of racist policies. If a violent criminal is released from jail and happens to shoot another person, that’s bad luck.

David Brown, Police Superintendent, told reporters Wednesday that a 28-year-old admitted to being a gang member in South Side violence. Homicides have risen 100% from last year and shootings are up 48%.

Brown stated that Brown was driving the retaliatory violence.

Chicago Sun-Times

After serving eight years in prison for gun charges and assaulting officers, the man was recently released. In March, he was again arrested after police noticed him speeding up in the 4800 blocks of South Loomis near his home. They also found a 9mm Glock inside the car.

According to the man, he purchased the gun to protect his family from being shot at. He was released from Cook County Jail on $10,000 bail. A cousin had put up 10%.

Brown, as he has done before, called for tougher gun cases involving people who have a history of violent crime to be handled by judges. He stated that judges need to do a better risk assessment. “The police did their jobs. The felon was released on a cash bond.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot demands “tougher gun regulations” A felon is caught with a gun in his car. This is a clear violation of current gun laws. The judge let him go after giving him $1,000. If the justice system isn’t enforcing the existing laws, why ask for additional restrictions on law-abiding gun owners?


On Tuesday, Chicago saw 21 shootings, with two fatalities. This is a typical number for a violent weekend. On Monday, at least 14 people were killed, with two more fatalities. Over the weekend, 24 people were also shot — six of them fatally.

Chicago’s innocents don’t need to look far for someone to blame. The culture of violence in the streets is matched with the culture of permissiveness, which allows violence from the Back of the Yards to city hall.