Democrats Have Jumped Back on the Men Can Get Pregnant Fantasy Train

That was fast. The radical left has gone from saying that “men can get pregnant” to vowing to defend “a woman’s choice.” This happened in less than a week and a quarter.

It was actually a pleasant side effect.

It didn’t last very long. The radical left was still very dependent on the LGBT lobby. They just kinda forgot about it for a while. The fantasy train is now back on track. The latest version of the Women’s Health Protection Act, (WHPA) was defeated by a bipartisan vote Wednesday. It removed all references to women “in respect to the demands from the LGBTQ community.”

According to the Washington Times, while the 2019 Women’s Health Protection Act refers to “women’s healthcare” and “women seeking to have abortion services”, the version that was defeated Wednesday did not mention “women” (except for its title). Instead, it substituted “woman” for gender-neutral terms such as “patient”, “person” or “individual”.

In 2021, the language of the bill was changed.

“Women and women are the terms used in this bill to represent the identities of most people affected and targeted by restrictions on abortion services and to address directly the targeted restrictions, which are rooted primarily in misogyny. The bill’s text clarified that access to abortion services is essential to the health and well-being of all people capable of becoming pregnant. “This Act was created to protect all persons with the ability for pregnancy, cisgender people, transgender men and women, as well as non-binary individuals who identify with different sex, and anyone else who is unjustly harmed due to restrictions on abortion services.

It is very telling that the bill was not renamed the “Birthing Person’s Health Protection Act”. However, it seems that radical leftist gender theory still has not been completely abandoned and Democrats are again trying to erase women.