There’s Currently ‘No Mathematical Path’ for Hobbs to Win in Arizona, Says Kari Lake Advisor

Stephen Kruiser should be in charge of Arizona’s vote count. This is a shameful situation. Florida was able to count significantly more ballots in half the time. We’re told that it could take several days to find enough votes for Kelly and Hobbs to complete the counting.

We were informed on Thursday that no new results would be available until the weekend. This was right before Hobbs received a marginally larger lead from a vote dump. Despite how suspicious it may seem, those were pre-Election Day vote results, which were expected favor Hobbs.

According to multiple reports, approximately 500,000 votes remain to be counted. There are 350,000 in Maricopa County alone. According to Landon Wall, a Republican political consultant, those votes are expected to go in favor of Blake Masters and Lake. Wall also pointed out that polls show Republicans intend to vote on Election Day. Most of the votes still to be counted will be Republican votes.

Caroline Wren, Kari Lake’s senior advisor, stated on Thursday that Hobbs has “no mathematical path” to victory.

One thing is certain: Arizona’s inability to quickly count these ballots is embarrassing. Governor Kari Lake can bet that she will take action.