Multimillionaire Martha’s Vineyard Denizen Michelle Obama Whines About Life as a Tall Black Woman

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are worth $70 million to more than $100 million. These include a multimillion-dollar estate in Martha’s Vineyard that is for liberals and a home on the beach in Hawaii. Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, stated that it is still difficult for her to be seen in a world that doesn’t necessarily see tall black women.

She stated that she has self-doubts and fears. In a second, we’ll get to the “tall black woman thing”.

Michelle Obama’s “The Light We Carry” book attempts to explain the “raging” COVID crisis, George Floyd’s “racial injustice” protests (riots), and the January 6 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol. In a People interview, Obama talked about how all of these have affected her.

What? In order to promote her book, Michelle Obama: All of the Above, she still refers to “all of it”.

We were all at home watching as the world fell apart. It was a dark time.

She “forgot” to mention who was responsible for the violence and rising death toll.

Did the video make it clear? Not for me.

But, Obama’s “The Light We Carry”, noted People, spoke of her awkwardness in meeting new people (“It is difficult to put yourself out there”), and her experiences with racism, menopause, and parenting.

Obama acknowledged that she is aware of her vulnerability to “judgment by strangers”, and maybe this was to be in response to the many criticisms.

Michelle Obama is a victim to fear. It will be judged.

These “issues” are not to be taken lightly. Who’s to blame?

Perhaps Obama could be more open about the Afghanistan debacle, energy crisis, border crisis, and Afghan debacle. The intervention in yet another war overseas, inflation, and other factors have all led to a large number of American voters believing that America’s track is not right and that Biden and his radical Democrat policies are to blame.

Obama also wrote about her experiences as First Lady, which included the difficult job [sarc].

Yes, it can be hard for first ladies in the United States. I think people should understand that my primary goal was to provide a normal life for my daughters.

Being surrounded by other mothers was part of my daily routine. Because I had 12 Secret Service personnel nearby, I learned how to do the tentative dance when people don’t want to approach me. You have an aura of untouchability. It was now my turn to extend my hand.

Obama vents about her appearance and dislikes looking in the mirror. Obama also discusses how American life is difficult for “tall black women”.

This is the way I have dealt with fear over the past 58 years. These words are what I use to remind me to get up when feeling down.

This describes how I maintain my visibility in a world that isn’t populated by tall Black women. The book.

Translation: “Buy Now! ”

Stop, I’m not listening. There are some parallels between Michelle Obama and MyPillow, with his “As an additional thank-you” scheme to buy the latest product, and his “Act now, before it’s too much!” approach.

I’m sorry for the interruption. I had a flashback.