This Explains the Lack of a Red Wave More Than Anything Else

The Republicans had all the basics in their favor. However, while the GOP still has the chance to win the House majority and possibly eke out a 51-seat majority in Senate, the red wave many of you were hoping for didn’t materialize.

Many theories exist about how the election turned out. Many think it was due to a shortage of qualified candidates or the issue regarding abortion or Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson from Fox News provided his explanation for why the Republican Party lost its midterm elections despite having a favorable environment. It makes perfect sense.

“The mechanics and conduct of an election. They are important. They matter more than any candidate for the election. He explained that voting makes a huge difference in the outcome.”

Pennsylvania is a good example.

“Two-and-a-half years ago, Congress and its Republican allies watched in passive complicity as the Democratic Party used COVID, the pretext to rewrite election laws across the country, to elect its candidates. They did it deliberately. Carlson stated that they knew exactly what they were doing. “Last night, those laws, many still on the books and generously paid off,” Carlson declared. John Fetterman blasted in his only public debate. It was obvious. He was humiliated. He mocked the election but it didn’t matter.

After Fetterman’s disastrous debate and the subsequent surge in support for Dr. Mehmet Oz, polls indicated that Oz was ahead. Most polls conducted during the campaign ended with Oz leading. Although Fetterman appeared to have cooked his goose, while he was hidden from the public for many months, the local party was still banking early votes and mail-in votes.

“Thanks to early voter participation, Fetterman’s margin was already in place. Nearly 70% of Democrats voted early in Pennsylvania’s elections. Carlson said that only 20% of Republicans did so.

It’s over, but it doesn’t have to be repeated. These are easily fixable issues, said Carlson. You can communicate your message. He said, “You can force the opposing side to agree to fair election rules if they are willing to work hard enough.” “But you cannot do this unless you admit these problems exist.”