The White House Gets More Shameless With New Claim About Gas Prices

The White House is quite shameless when it comes to providing honest answers about almost any question they are being asked. The classified document scandal is proving to be a major problem for the White House.

We reported Monday that Fox’s Peter Doocy and White House Karine Jean-Pierre played the “stump-the-press secretary” game. Jean-Pierre refused to answer whether Joe Biden was involved with a cover-up. Doocy noted how serious it was for Joe Biden to have his home searched by FBI agents. Jean-Pierre stated that Joe Biden treats classified documents seriously, which is again contrary to the facts. This, as the facts show, is not true if Biden leaves them around for years, even documents from his time as a senator.

The White House was not only shameless about the classified documents but also shameless about the rising gas prices. They take credit for gas prices falling, but they try to shift blame when they rise. The gas prices have risen 33 cents over the last month, and Joe Biden has stopped using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to artificially maintain the prices as he did to support the Democrats in the election. If you don’t fix the problem of your poor policies, then all the problems will still exist once you have ended the stopgap measure. Jennifer Granholm, Energy Secretary, was asked by a reporter if they would accept credit for rising prices.

Granholm proudly stated, “It’s evidently based on international climate events.”

Granholm even mentioned current weather conditions. Joe Biden’s poor policies were not mentioned by Granholm.

Since Biden’s anti-energy agenda was introduced, gas prices have risen.

Karine Jean-Pierre went one further with her shameless spin and blamed Republicans for raising prices.

They believe we will fall for many reasons. Biden started to see prices rise from the day he arrived by attacking the energy sector on day one. He then tried to artificially bring down prices by raiding our savings account, known as the SPR. This is supposed to be used for emergencies like war. Biden put our national security at stake by reducing the SPR to its lowest level in nearly 40 years.

Republicans introduced a bill to stop them from taking money out of our savings accounts for political purposes. They would also be prohibited from voting to increase prices. The bill would require that the Energy Department develop a plan to increase federal areas leased to oil production and gas before the oil is released from the reserve. It would place us in a better situation. Biden, however, doesn’t want that. He has already stated that he will veto the bill. Biden would rather continue attacking the energy industry, depleting our reserves, than have the national security or independence that the bill would ensure.

The Republicans are responsible for trying to stop Biden from implementing his bad policies. Talk about major league gaslighting by KJP or the White House.

Chad Gilmartin, the Deputy Spokesperson for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, said it for all of us.