Four Illegal Immigrants Bused to NYC Got Caught Shoplifting $12,000 Worth of Goods

It’s impossible to do enough for illegal immigrants.

Despite being allowed into the country, given a free cell phone, food, a bus ticket to New York City, and a free room in a midtown Manhattan hotel, four lads from south of the border decided they need more free booty.

Four illegal immigrants were busted stealing more than $12,000 worth of goods from Macy’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, N.Y.

The Roosevelt Field Mall can be found where Roosevelt Field used to be. Charles Lindbergh flew from Roosevelt Field in 1927 to make his trans-Atlantic famous flight.

These greedy thieves must have believed that Macy’s was run by Democrats and plunder $12,489 in total.

Four fab grabs made their escape in a four-door BMW. Nassau County police quickly stopped the driver for driving erratically.

These are the scroungers:

  • 19-year-old Wrallan Cabezas Meza
  • 21-year-old Miguel Angel Rojas
  • 27-year-old Rafael Rojas
  • 30-year-old Jose Garcia Escobar
  • Two of the scavengers were released. The driver was issued numerous citations.

Angel Rojas and Rafael Rojas live rent-free in NYC’s Westin Hotel. Rooms start at $80 per night plus $43.86 tax recovery and service fees.

According to hotel workers, the immigrant employees fought with them, drank all day, smoked marijuana, and had sex in public.

Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, has complained that the Big Apple has become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Texas has bused approximately 41,000 illegal immigrants to New York City. Adams claims that he is unable to house anymore. Why did Adams close the Randall’s Island homeless shelter that he built in New York?