‘The View’ Hot Mic Catches Surprising Reaction to Buttigieg

Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View”, caught an awkward moment on a microphone as she interviewed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg spoke to co-hosts on “The View” about the political division that has led up to the government shutdown.

Hostin expressed her regret that Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, “seems like the presumptive Republican candidate” and contrasted this with the fact that she and her fellow co-hosts “have spoken a lot about the successes that Vice President Harris and President Biden have achieved so far in this administration.”

She continued to say that, despite the “successes”, she considers Biden and Harris to be political leaders. “That information, that message, it doesn’t appear to be resonating in the country.”

But there was something behind the scenes which caught someone by surprise. She asked Buttigieg: “What accomplishments would you list for the administration, or, at the very least why hasn’t the administration been able to find a bridge between more voters and Republicans?”

After Hostin had finished asking her question, and the camera was focused on Buttigieg’s face, viewers could hear a woman muttering, “Oh, my God,” but it was audible.

Buttigieg responded to Hostin’s question, without responding to the exclamation, by suggesting that the “biggest achievement” was the “infrastructure law, which is, by the by, bipartisan.” He continued, “Even in Washington that is very divided, the President led a process, where Republicans, some, worked with Democrats, to get an historic infrastructure package passed.”

Hostin is known to have supported the Biden-Harris Administration in the past. She warned him earlier this month that he could “lose the Black votes,” including hers if Harris was replaced on the Democratic ticket for 2024.

The identity of the person who created the hot mic moment is still unknown. ABC declined to comment.