Conservative Actor James Woods Blasts Biden Admin Over ‘Border Tsunami Nightmare’

James Woods is without a doubt one of the most conservative actors in the entertainment business. Woods is a perfect example of how to be steadfast in your beliefs, even when the world around you is complete and utter madness while caring more for truth than success. Woods, while he has enjoyed tremendous success in his long career, hasn’t done much acting in recent years, due to his patriotism.

This is how Hollywood operates. You are excommunicated if you go against the progressive agenda. If you are a thinker who does not want to be part of the hive, then you will lose your ability to trade, buy, or sell.

James Woods has not been silenced by his critics.

Recently, the actor slammed President Joe Biden for his inaction and the useless administration he leads. This is despite the fact that hundreds of millions of illegal immigrants flood the country every month. It is obvious that this poses a serious threat to national security. The influx of radical terrorists and cartel scumbags into the United States has led to an increase in crime across the country. You can be sure that the terrorists will do nothing good.

Woods’ description of this crisis as “Biden’s border tsunami” is a good way to describe our feelings and thoughts.

Woods’ comments were a reaction to a recent presser that was given by Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt, who pulled the horseshoe from Biden’s rear and beat him with it because of the failures in his immigration policy. She also slammed the media for failing to cover the situation.

Britt, while discussing a recent visit she made to the border to observe the situation for herself, spoke with illegal immigrants who were facing dangerous and fatal situations as they tried to enter the United States.

The senator stated, “We heard women telling us their stories and their stories were brutalizing.”

Britt lifted the gloves and attacked the mainstream media, saying “That’s on you, for failing to report on stories that revealed the challenges illegal immigrants faced in their attempts to cross the border.”

Whew! She’s a tough cookie. I like that. We need more folks like that in the Republican Party.

“Because when a woman sits there and she tells you a story not about just being raped,” Britt added, “but how many times a day she’s raped. When she tells you about having to lay in that bed, while they come in and out, and in and out, it’s disgusting and it’s despicable.”

She said, “Look at how many people have died at our border because Joe Biden made it easier to come here.” This is the result of a failed policy. This can be fixed. We can’t just throw money at it and expect to fix it. “We have to change the policy.”

“I looked into the eyes of CBP officers who said: ‘We are exhausted. “We’re not just paper pushers, we’re trying to do what our oaths of office require us to do: protect this border,” said the Alabama Republican. When they tell you that there were small children drowning in the river or a pregnant woman with twins who was pulled out of the water, you begin to think differently.

The drug cartels have tentacles in every corner of this country. Britt continued to slam the media, saying: “We need you to tell that story.”

Britt continued, “They’ll tell how much money they paid to come here, then they’ll tell where they’re headed, what job they have, and how much else they owe.” You got it? Guess what? A gentleman in Alabama told me the other day, “You’ll come back with me to this neighborhood behind you and you’ll see migrants here illegally. They will tell you that the drug cartels are coming every two weeks to collect. ‘”

Britt concluded by saying this isn’t the real American dream. It’s more like a nightmare. James Woods, like every American with a firm grasp of this issue, agreed wholeheartedly with Britt’s statements during the press conference.

We need the wall. We need to enforce the law. We need the law enforced, not just for our own safety but also for those who attempt to enter this country through illegal channels.