Loudoun County Superintendent Found Guilty of Non-Binary Rape Cover-Up

A former Loudoun County Superintendent has been found guilty of retaliation. This is a rare instance of sanity. This was part of an attempt to cover up a rape of a young lady by a boy dressed in a skirt.

Scott Ziegler could now face up to one year in prison and the fines that go with it.

Six women and one male jury found Scott Ziegler, the former Loudoun County Public School Superintendent guilty on Friday of using his position as a retaliation against a teacher who had cooperated with a grand juror investigating how the district handled sexual abuse.

The jury determined that Ziegler fired an educator in error after a four-day court trial and a day’s deliberations. This teacher had informed Virginia investigators of the mishandling of sexual assaults in her classroom. Ziegler was found guilty of using his position as a government official to punish someone who exercised their rights and cleared of punishing someone because they testified to a jury.

The background of the case revolves around a rape that took place in 2021 when a male student dressed in a girl’s dress raped a female schoolgirl. The boy was permitted to use the girls’ restroom because a policy that had just been implemented by the school district applied to transgender children.

Multiple school board officials are accused of covering up the rape, fearing the backlash. Scott Smith, the father of the girl who was raped, was arrested and charged after he demanded accountability at a meeting of the school board. Smith was pardoned eventually by the governor. Glenn Youngkin.

Ziegler was in trouble with the law after he terminated a special educator for telling a grand jury about the rape. This move, which many viewed as a cover-up, led to Ziegler being sued. The teacher was accused of passing on the information to an activist conservative, but this was proven to be false.

Zeigler may not be punished, but this is an important step in the direction of accountability. There has been no fear among officials of school districts when it comes to respecting the rights and wishes of parents for too long. Covering up rape to protect the far-left dogma about transgenderism is objectively insane. This should serve as a warning to others who might try the same.

This is a big win for Youngkin, as Republicans prepare to go into Virginia’s crucial election during the off-year. The governor promised to investigate the matter when he took office, and this investigation has brought some justice. This is a great reminder of why elections are important.