The Top Gifts Americans Are Shopping for This Christmas

This is the season to shop and give gifts to our friends and loved ones.

Yes, I understand that Christmas is about way more than just presents. But, let’s face the truth, shopping for gifts can be a major headache.

It is always interesting to see what people shop for during the holidays. It’s always interesting to see what people are asking because I have a hard time shopping for my family.

Rakuten, a discount website, released its annual list of Christmas gifts most in demand.

Rakuten released a press release stating that Sony’s Playstation 5 was the most sought-after Christmas gift in America, with 13 states looking to purchase the item before Christmas.

This is not a local item. The Playstation 5 is sought after by shoppers in California, Colorado, and Delaware, Florida. Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana. North Dakota, Ohio. Texas, Texas, and Utah. The Nintendo Switch is the second most sought-after gaming console with 10 states searching for it.

Other technological items rank high on the list, particularly those from Apple: iPads (seven states), AirPods, (six states), MacBooks (two states), and Apple Watches (one state) topping shopping lists. The Xbox Series X is tops in five states, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Oculus Headset top the list in one state apiece.

I was attracted to one particular item. The Dyson Airwrap is the most searched-for Christmas gift in four states. What is the Dyson Airwrap? It’s basically a “hairstyler”, which is a $600 curling machine. It’s expensive but makes women’s hair look amazing.

The press release states that Rakuten, an online shopping company, conducted research to determine the most popular item in each state for the Christmas period.

There are always people who are hard to buy for, or who ask for gifts that are too expensive. I wish everyone luck finding the right gifts, and I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas.