The Biden ATM Now Open, Dispensing Billions to Africa

Joe Biden has been pouring money into Ukraine, seemingly without any end in sight.

This is Will Geary, a geospatial data scientist.

Geary points out that the current total amount requested or allocated for Ukraine is $100 billion.

I previously reported on Joe Biden’s breakdown during his remarks to African leaders at U.S. Africa Business Forum. He also had a huge fight with the teleprompter.

Biden did however announce that he would be sending a lot of money to Africa during his remarks. Grabien’s Tom Elliott has a great supercut. Biden seems to think we are just an ATM pumping money out.

This is a lot of money, in addition to all the money we’re pouring into other countries, such as Ukraine. He claims that Congress will invest $ 350 billion (translate to spending). Based on the transcript, I believe that is a mistake. It says $350m to “participate in the digital economy.” But I don’t think $350m makes any sense. Is that what “participating in the digital economy” actually refers to? Are you going to pretend that Africans don’t know how the internet works? However, the fact that Biden says “billion” but doesn’t understand it is a problem speaks volumes about Joe Biden and is rightly alarming anyone who hears it. He says “$4 trillion” at one point, but that’s only after a cut. This refers to the point in his speech where he talks about how much African business will do and not how much we’ll spend.

The craziest part of it is that a lot of it is directed toward Biden and the Democratsโ€™ green agenda in Africa, for example, $8 billion to replace coal plants in South Africa with green energy sources and $2 billion on solar energy in Angola. Those amounts were not corrected in the transcript, so those are what heโ€™s throwing out there.

Problem is, just like we saw with his policies, this road will put Africa in trouble. Biden will then say that we need to spend more money to get them out of the green disaster that lies ahead.

China’s presence in Africa makes it a national security issue to increase our efforts in Africa and improve our relations there. They are already well on their way to influencing the region. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend endless amounts of money. Joe Biden seems to believe that this is the only way to get rich. Is he aware that he is increasing our huge debt? He seems to be neglecting our needs, too. This is insane considering he is supposed to represent and protect this country, not anywhere else. What would he have done differently if he had wanted to do it in this country? Practically everything he does is harmful.