Guns Blazing, Trump Declares War on American Free Speech Despots

Trump declared war on online censors Thursday by announcing his plan to “reclaim free speech” for the United States.
Trump’s 5-point plan was unveiled with a bang. The declaration begins Trump’s nearly seven-minute video.

We don’t have freedom of speech if we don’t have it. It’s that simple. If this fundamental right is allowed go, all of our rights will be revoked. It’s like dominoes. They’ll fall one by one. Today, I am announcing my plan for destroying the left-wing censorship system and to reclaim free speech rights for all Americans. Reclaim is an important word in this instance because they have taken it away.

Trump then addresses “deep state bureaucrats and silicone valley tyrants”, left-wing activists and depraved corporate media who conspire to silence the American people on everything, from elections to public healthcare.

Anyone who questioned the 2020 election results, or the federal response to COVID had the potential of being removed from Twitter’s platform by Elon Musk.

Trump’s five-point plan to make free speech great once again includes:

1) Trump claimed that he would sign an Executive Order (EO), within hours of being sworn-in, banning any federal agency or department from colluding to censor lawful speech. Trump will prohibit federal money being used to label domestic speech “disinformation” or “misinformation”.

2) He will direct the DOJ’s investigation and prosecution of anyone involved in online censorship, even members of the FBI.

3) Trump will request Congress to send a bill revising Section 230.

4) Trump is determined to end the “toxic industry of censorship,” which includes universities, created to combat so-called misinformation and “misinformation”. Trump said that schools and non-profits should be stripped of federal financial support for at least five years.

5) Congress should adopt a digital bill-of-rights law. This will require government officials to obtain a court order in order to remove online content. This would mean that the FBI cannot have weekly meetings with Twitter or Facebook to remove content at their will.

Trump also asked House Republicans to send preservation letter–now- -to Biden and the Biden campaign, Silicon Valley tech titans, as well as anyone else involved with censorship.

Trump demanded a seven-year cooling period before any FBI, DOD or CIA employee, NSA, DNI or DHS employees can accept a job with any company that has vast amounts of U.S. data.

Trump frequently mentioned going after federal employees involved with online censorship, and he mentioned the FBI several times.

Trump concluded his speech with these words:

For America and Western Civilization, the fight for freedom of speech is a matter for victory or loss. This entire system of information control and censorship will be destroyed when I am elected president. There will be nothing left. We can save our country and our democracy by restoring freedom of speech. God bless America, and thank you.