Jill Biden Reportedly All In on Four More Years of Committing Elder Abuse

Expect to lose all your hopes. CNN reports that Jill Biden could grant us another four years of Joe’s doddering husband. She must have been tired from constantly moving him around and stopping his incoherent ramblings. CNN reports that the first lady is experiencing a “tidal shift” in her thinking, and is now ready to accept four more years of elder abuse.

The first lady was still skeptical as of early fall. Her friends noticed a shift in her thinking over the months following November’s midterm elections, in which Democrats avoided the fate of most of the first-term presidents.

An East Wing employee said that Jill Biden is now “all in” on the idea.

This one is difficult to miss. Jill Biden is to be blamed. He should not have been submitted for 2020. His basement appearances were cringe-inducing. Any decent person could have watched him struggle through the “interviews” and then waited to see if he would get a special treat. We are here.

It is not as though things have changed since Joe was elected president. Jill Biden’s elder abuse has just moved from their Delaware basement to the White House and onto a global stage. The United States has become a laughingstock. It is in financial crisis, illegals are flooding our southern border daily, and Vladimir Putin is playing with its nuclear arsenal. Jill is applauding her child’s performance at preschool Christmas play while her husband is in a daze.

We don’t think Jill Biden can make the big decision about Joe Biden’s future in 2024.

The First Lady and she alone are the only ones who have all of the kibosh. If she is worried about her husband’s aging, or how another run might affect their family’s legacy or families, she can still stop anything that seems impossible in political calculations.

Jill also gets what Jill wants. Jill Biden appears cruel in refusing her husband the chance to retire in his own way. Joe Biden is well-qualified to do so, but Jill, in her drapery-inspired clothes, seems to be standing in his way.