The Texas School Board Association Ditches the National School Board Association

Although it is possible to say that Texans aren’t happy with the federal government seeking to pursue parents who are trying to protect their child’s mental health and education, there are 20 states that feel the exact same. Texas is the latest example of radical leftist educators expressing their disapproval.

Fox News reports that the Texas School Board Association declared Monday, during a special board meeting, that it would be breaking away from the National School Boards Association.

According to a TSBA news release, the board of directors of the group made the decision on Friday after an independent investigation that found “operational deficiencies and lacks of internal controls and processes within NSBA”.

The TSBA stated that the independent investigation by the NSBA revealed new details about the development and distribution of the Sept. 29, 2021 correspondence. This letter compared parents to domestic terrorists in protesting at school board meetings.

Fox News reported that one reason the TSBA left was that NSBA did not seem to be accountable. An NSBA internal investigation found that the request for the DOJ to investigate these “domestic terror” parents was not reviewed or approved by any member of the NSBA. The sole blame was placed on Chip Slaven, interim CEO, and executive director.

Given that the investigation found that previous drafts of the White House letter were available, it is unclear how credible this claim is. One of these drafts asked Biden to send the military police and national guard to school board meetings to be used against parents. This letter must have been reviewed and rewritten at some point.

Despite it not making it to the final draft, it is enough to show how the NSBA feels about it.

Fox News reported that the investigation into the TSBA revealed that the NSBA needed to be separated.

Dan Troxell, Executive Director of TSBA, stated that “we have been waiting intently for the release of this independent investigation for almost two months.” This report reveals that NSBA’s internal controls and processes are not in line with the standards of good governance that TSBA requires for its member organizations.

Texas is the 20th state that has withdrawn completely from the NSBA. However, it is one of 29 states that have distanced themselves from the infamous Fox Newsletter reports.

Parents Defending Education reports that 29 states have distanced from the NSBA letter. These include Alabama, Arizona Arkansas, Delaware Florida, Georgia, Idaho, and Illinois.

After Loudoun County in Virginia became the epicenter of the national anti-school board movement, it was a place where radical leftism was promoted among children attending its schools. It also covered up the rape by a transgender student. When he demanded answers, the father who had attended the school board meeting was taken into custody.

This spark started a firestorm, which caused parents to start investigating their public schools. Many found the findings shocking and parents took action. These school boards were controlled by radical leftists who tried to silence parents. The NSBA attempted to use the DOJ to intimidate parents.

Parents were furious and soon school board members were taken to court. In Texas, this is exactly what happened in May. This has proven that parents can mobilize to resist the leftism in schools and has made them the most powerful force in politics.