Joe Biden’s Buffalo Speech Was the Speech of a Crooked Man

I’m not sure if any American president has ever given a hateful, anti-American, and mendacious speech such as President Joe Biden’s in Buffalo, New York, last week.

Biden used the horrific mass shooting of blacks at a Buffalo grocery store to denigrate America and foment hate-based racism.

An honest man would have said the same thing when he visited Buffalo.

“My fellow Americans, what happened here in Buffalo was pure evil. Let there be no equivocating about this moral fact. If evil exists, what happened here was evil. But, my fellow Americans, this young man, and his race-based homicidal hatred represents an infinitesimally small number of Americans, white or otherwise. The overwhelming majority of Americans of every race, ethnicity, and religion get along with each other beautifully. We work alongside each other, date each other, socialize with one another, and marry one another. We are the most successful experiment in creating a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious country in world history. The actions of a deranged teenager do not change this fact.”

The hater in Chief instead went to Buffalo and declared:

“What happened was straightforward and simple: terrorism. People who don’t look like them. Look, we’ve seen mass shootings in Charleston, El Paso, Texas, and Pittsburgh. Last year, Atlanta. And this week in Dallas, Texas. Look! The American experiment in democracy is in peril. Now’s the time for all people, regardless of race or background, to unite in America and reject white supremacy. We can’t live in a country where black people shopping for groceries are beaten down by weapons of war in a racist cause.”

Although this speech was not hateful it was a Big Lie. White supremacy is a grave threat to America and black America specifically.

Let’s look at the examples of white supremacist mass murders he gave:

Charleston South Carolina: Dylann Roof killed nine black worshippers at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church seven years ago.

El Paso, Texas: Patrick Wood Crusius, 21 years old, was a racist white man who murdered 23 people at Walmart and injures 21 more. Hispanics were the majority of his victims.

Pittsburgh: Robert Gregory Bowers (a white Antisemite), murdered 11 Jews while they were attending Sabbath services at Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue. His father, who was being tried for rape, committed suicide at the age of 7. Bowers, like all the others Biden mentioned, was a troubled loner.

Last Year at Atlanta: Twenty-one-year-old Robert Aaron Long killed eight people in three massage parlors, 2021. He was a sex addict and believed that anyone who attempted to tempt him should die. This had nothing to do with race.

This Week in Dallas Texas: Jeremy Smith hurt three Asian-American women in Dallas last Wednesday. Jeremy Smith is a black male.

It’s not clear why Biden used the shooting to show white supremacy. I can’t find mainstream media that condemns this lie.

The hate-fomenting president cited six examples of white supremacist shootings. Two shootings occurred seven years ago by white racists.

These were examples Biden used to lie to grieving black communities to incite hatred about white supremacist violence.

Less than half the country knows why Biden did it.

First, Americans should focus their attention on “white supremacy” rather than on the inflation, looming crises, and energy crisis that he or his party has created.

You can tell black Americans to stop voting Democrats if they say: “You need protection from your fellow hate-filled Americans; we Democrats are your protectors.”

However, in 2020, 9,941 African Americans were killed. This includes Joe Biden and his party as well as mainstream media (i.e. Left-wingers don’t care much about black lives. They didn’t die in a white supremacist attack).