The Super Shady Coverup of the Paul Pelosi Story Is Worse Than You Thought

Remember the time when the Paul Pelosi story was huge news? Then strange things began to come out and everyone stopped talking about it.

Yes, I do.

The story broke in October. Democrats quickly seized on it and pushed the narrative that a Trumpster had entered the Pelosi house and attacked the husband, then-House Speaker, in a politically motivated MAGA attack. It was quickly revealed that the attacker was not a Trump supporter. He was a left-leaning supporter for Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ causes as well as a nudist activist who had reportedly suffered from drug abuse. Oops.

It gets even weirder. Initial reports stated that the attacker was only wearing his underwear when the police arrived. This was later changed. A third person was reported to have allowed the police into the house. This was later retracted. There was also the report detailing how Pelosi opened the doors for police and returned to his home to reengage the attacker. This report was later retracted by NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer, who was suspended for reporting the incident. Almaguer’s report matched court records. We were left with more questions than answers as the story continued. Three key pieces of evidence, Pelosi’s 911 call, Capitol Police security footage and the police body camera footage, have yet to be released.

It felt as if the story had disappeared. Last month, a preliminary hearing was held and a host of evidence was presented, including interviews, body cam footage, 911 calls, and Capitol Police security footage.

This information is being kept secret from the public, and many news organizations are suing for access.

A coalition of news agencies, including The Associated Press filed a court motion to San Francisco for access to evidence against the man accused in the attack on Nancy Pelosi, former U.S. House Speaker. The New York Times and The Washington Post are also part of the coalition.

If you challenged the narrative of the Paul Pelosi attack story, last year you were considered a conspiracy theorist. Now, the critical details are kept secret from the public. What could it be? Is it true that some conspiracy theories are correct? What are they hiding?