Biden Orders a Bacon Burger, Washington Post Wets Itself

What’s a respected newspaper to say when Presidentish Joe Biden creates a surprise burger order to brag about the economy?

Gush like a schoolgirl apparently.

Biden, an elected official who cannot order lunch without becoming political, called a local restaurant to order a hamburger with braggadocio.

Brittany was so caught off guard she was perfectly lit and right on the mark for the camera, she pretend not to have noticed.

Although she wasn’t expecting to get a call from POTUS at all, she was still impressed by the videography and the glowing press coverage.

Twitter’s sensible people had a lot of fun with Team Biden’s sad attempt at mock spontaneity.

Biden brags about small business creation even though the country, in a lockdown led mostly by Democrats, has nearly eliminated half of its small businesses. When his handlers pick this moment, when tech and financial companies are laying off thousands of workers, the ploy becomes more than just gauche.

Here’s Tuesday’s original tweet, before the White House released the promotional video.

Tommy Pigott (RNC’s Rapid Response Director), noted that food prices have risen 10.4% since last year and that “Food banks claim they are more stressed now that during the pandemic. With millions of people relying upon their services to make ends met, they say that they are more stressed than ever.”

He concluded that “That’s no economic plan that’s working’.”

Invisible Constituent, a brilliant handle in this case, wrote the most accurate reply: “Everyone should be insulted at how stupid this administration thinks that you are.” This tweet is so disgusting.

Everybody, except the Washington Post.

Tim Carman, food reporter, had a 850-word puff piece prepared for WaPo’s Wednesday morning issue.

Although I wouldn’t expect any hard-hitting politico exposés from any newspaper’s food reporter to be forthcoming, a little less gushing would be appreciated.

According to the White House, Biden had ordered many times for himself on his trips across the country. This included at Just Q’in BBQ, Cincinnati, and Tacos 1986, Los Angeles. The president also left $20 tips.

White House aides gathered the burgers on Tuesday for Biden. Evidently, they aren’t as generous as their boss. Ghostburger charges a service fee for each order. Josh Phillips stated that there is no tip line and that the aides did not leave a tip. Phillips quickly noticed that Spaddy had received a gift from the president.